Who we are

The Systems Biology Group is a Palo Alto based research institution composed of some of world’s leading experts in aging, cultural neurobiology, cardiovascular medicine, molecular immunology, computational biology, microbiome research, medical anthropology, evolutionary medicine and nutrition, and related fields.

Systems Biology Group associates and collaborators represent major research facilities all over the world, including Stanford University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Lund University Medical School, and other major institutions in Germany, Italy, the Middle East, South America, and the United States.


Key Personel

Steve Farmer, Ph.D. Founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Farmer specializes in studies of brain and the evolution of thought and in broad theoretical issues in systems biology. He and his colleagues wrote the first papers on computational simulations of the evolution of premodern thought in the first decade of the 21st century, adopting modeling techniques widely used to study complex evolving systems in general.  He holds his Ph.D. from Stanford University and is a former Harvard University Research Fellow & Research Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Steve taught in major U.S. universities for over twenty years before returning to pure research in the last decade.  He remains a major force in the academic world, and in recent  years has given many invited lectures at major universities and research centers in China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Scotland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Central Asia. Dr. Farmer’s work over the past half decade has increasingly focused on evolutionary nutrition and related in fields in behavioral medicine linked to the control of aging and early developmental processes. He is the co-lead author of a major book-in-progress and several papers on those topics.

Kutschera, Ulrich, Ph.D., University of Kassel, Germany.  (Click for Wikipedia article here.)

Broader Scientific Advisory Board in Immunology, Evolutionary Biology, and Systems Biology soon to be announced.